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Remote working is not a choice anymore, businesses are forced into remote working with the covid situation which opens a new era of work culture, productivity, and security. Many of us continue to work from home in the year 2022 and many countries are expected to continue to do so soon. Remote working has helped employees skip traffic, save time, increase productivity and at the same reduce the operating expenses for many businesses. Overall, the change of new work culture was a smooth transition than many expected however challenges are yet to come with a de-centralized monitoring and authority matrix while working remotely.

Small businesses have found its own successes in remote working than the bigger teams and it is easy to collaborate and make technology available for a team the way it used to be from an office. Moreover, the SMEs do not have to spend on the office and utilities in a remote working model. Hiring is easy and there are no geographical barriers when its remote. Working remotely can also reduce the stresses of commuting, childcare, pet care, and other responsibilities, and remote workers are actually more productive than their counterparts who work in an office.

Why the right technology matters?

Remote employment can reduce costs but may also lead to poor productivity and delayed executions which cost the business. To build a successful remote working environment irrespective of your team size and location the business needs to invest in the right technology. While saving on real estate and other expenses spending a little extra on the right equipment’s and solutions ensure business continuity and seamless delivery which will in fact benefit the business in the long run in a post Covid era.


If you have multiple teams working from multiple locations, it is strongly recommended to have an effective end point management solution and group communication tool in place to keep up the projects and ensure security and productivity of the team.

Other tips to increase work from home productivity

  • Hire the Right candidate for remote work
  • Set the Expectations clear
  • Eliminate Distractions
  • Set Regular Meetings

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Challenges of Remote Working

Over working

When personal and professional life and time go hand in hand chances are high that the employees find it difficult to balance the start and end of the workday. Several managers even forget to take breaks and give breaks at specific times leading to a stressed environment. Thanks to advancing technology, a team task management tool can show all the team members the status of every member’s work.


When people work from home, they get multiple interruptions including very young kids and pets. It is almost impossible to make them understand that you are not available to play, and therefore, it becomes a cumbersome task to stay away from them during working hours. All remote workers or working from home employees face such distractions all the time.
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