Cyber Security Services

Vulnerability assessment & Penetration testing (VAPT)

Cybersecurity is all about attaining a proactive level of protection on network, programs, performance of devices and keeping your data safe and secure. Malicious attacks are designed to access, alter, delete, destroy, or extort an organization’s or user’s systems and sensitive data and this is exactly what we are fighting against.
Every business that has an online presence, should advance with cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, encrypted connections, data leak protection and ransomware protection. A pen test simulates a real-world attack and tests your existing defensive controls. It goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities, by attempting to exploit found vulnerabilities and performing manual testing to gain access to systems/sensitive data. Manual testing routinely finds vulnerabilities that automated tools are incapable of finding.

Our expertise.

Digiport helps you defend vulnerabilities by identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting security issues in the network, devices, and domains. We use advanced technology and tools to create an intruder environment and help you remediate the penetration gaps to fight against the next gen cybercrimes. Our scope also covers a free re-assessment of the remediations that the business has adapted once we expose the penetration gaps through our tests. VAPT is therefore a regulatory and compliance requirement for financial institutions, hospitals and other business that hosts customer data for its day-to-day operations.  

Risk Advisory & Audit.

We help you to resist cyber-attacks. Since the world is becoming more interconnected, sophisticated attack methods have increased and big & small businesses are under threat from such attacks. Let us be your trusted compliance and risk program advisor with cost-effective technology to reduce your enterprise-wide cyber risks. Reduce your technical risks and manage security services. We have helped organizations to considerably reduce their IT support and services cost by helping them re-assess their IT strategy and ecosystem. We work on technologies and combinations of strategies to protect the organizations business interests to keep up with the dynamic environment. We evaluate your IT systems, infrastructures, policies, and operations to determine if the existing IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity, and align with the organization’s business and financial controls. Most organizations only conduct financial audits that evaluate an organization’s financial position; however, the businesses are depending on technology today and IT audits are still a new phenomenon which is more importance due to the rise of cloud technology to ensure your governance and controls. Protect your organization from data breaches and other security risks by been proactive and defining a line of action in case of an unlikely event that would threaten the health and reputation of the business.

End Point Management Solutions

The cyber threat environment is dynamic and constantly evolving. There are new vulnerabilities discovered daily. Attacks are getting more sophisticated – they’re getting more complex and flying under the radar of traditional detection technologies. Endpoint management software products help users keep track of devices in a system and ensure their software is secure and up to date. Typical features of endpoint management products are asset management, patch management, and compliance evaluation. Make sure no unapproved devices are linked to the system and each endpoint device has up-to-date software that has been patched properly to prevent intrusion.
  • Manage your organizations’ assets connected to a network
  • Manage and patch updates and ensure device compliance
  • Detect new or suspicious devices connected to a network
  • Can install new operating systems or applications to an endpoint device
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Mobile Device Management Solutions (MDM)

Secure, Monitor, and Manage company or employee-owned devices. Avoid risks and manage maintenance challenges during all phases of device lifecycle used by your employees. SureMDM provides a comprehensive hub for enrolling any kind of device into your network. Where applicable, the MDM software works with Android Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE), Apple Business Manager, and Windows Autopilot to rapidly build your device network. You can also manually enroll devices by installing an on-device MDM app and easily connecting the app to the central MDM console. Plus, you can enroll employee-owned (BYOD) devices through Android Work Profiles and Apple User Enrollment and generate a secure virtual container to store sensitive data.

Privilege Access Management (PAM)

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is an information security (infosec) mechanism that safeguards identities with special access or capabilities beyond regular users. Zero Trust priorities have evolved post pandemic to require solutions that secure your remote workforce with an easy-to-use and end-to-end Zero Trust approach. Like all other infosec solutions, PAM works through a combination of people, processes, and technology. Privileged access management helps organizations make sure that that people have only the necessary levels of access to do their jobs. PAM also enables security teams to identify malicious activities linked to privilege abuse and take swift action to remediate risk. In digital business, privileges are everywhere. Digiport is a Wallix partner offering industry leading services on
  • Privileged access management
  • Endpoint privilege management
  • Identity access management
  • Multifactor Authentication
Protect your strategic assets by controlling and auditing user privileges and secrets with a leader in PAM, Comprehensive solutions with seamless user experience. Easy to deploy, simple to work with and maintain.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

We understand that regardless of industry type or organization size, every business will benefit from training employees to defend against threats and cyber-attacks.

Our security awareness training services covers the following topics are designed to bring in heightened awareness among employees irrespective of their technology knowledge and background.

The key areas we deliver training programs are:
Cyber Security

Introduction to information security, defining the responsibility of the individual employee and best practices in data protection.


Establish importance complex passwords, email security, encryption, and multi-factor authentication.


Understand the impact of information sharing across the internet and the difference between secure and insecure Wi-Fi connections.


Vulnerabilities in personal devices including laptops, cell phones, IoT devices, fax machines and printers. Learn how to properly dispose of equipment securely and ways to best secure devices for minimal risk exposure.

Social Engineering

Insights to social engineering scams including phishing, spear-phishing, vishing, smishing, pretexting, baiting, tailgating, and quid pro quo.

Malicious Attacks

Different types of attacks seeking to spread malware and other malicious software to perform nefarious actions against your organization including worms, viruses, bots and botnets, trojan horses, ransomware, adware, spyware, and spam.

Incident Reporting

Create a culture of security where potential security threats is recognized, reported, and rewarded.

Insider Threat

Identify the different types of insiders to ultimately raise red flags and report suspicious activity.

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